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Every month, your giving not only funds the ministry of Catalina North but also funds these local ministry partners who are working hard to change our community and world.

Casa Maria Soup Kitchen

At Casa Maria, workers are devoted to acts of mercy (feeding and clothing those in need, visiting the ill, etc), nearly every single day of the year. in each action, they use their faith and try to revive the faith in those who have lost it, making them understand that christ has never left their lives.   

The kitchen serves hundreds of homeless everyday in tucson and also provides food for entire families in need daily as well.

Serving Opportunities

Manzo Elementary

When we met manzo elementary school, we were struck by the massive needs of the school and the committed staff who refused to give up on it.

Slated to be closed due to it's underperformance within the district, the administration had come up with a radical way to improve scores and overall education: a greenhouse and school garden. We seized the opportunity to help the dream become reality and manzo is now a model school nationally with a wait list to join and high test scores annually.

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Gospel Rescue Mission

The gospel rescue mission has been impacting the lives of countless thousands of tucsonans for over 60 years!

They provide shelters for the homeless and families, daily meals, and clothes for those in need. In addition, they have a vast array of resources available to care for those with medical needs, seeking employment, strengthening their family, in need of counseling, and much more through their ministry. 

Serving Opportunities

Hands Of Hope

The blessing of pregnancy can often seem more like a burden, dependent upon the phase of life in which it greets you. it's for that reason hands of hope exists.

They come alongside those who are weighing their options and embrace them where they are. They then enlighten them to the beauty of the life of their unborn child and empower them to take each step along the way toward parenthood, adoption, etc. 

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Sold No More

The mission and vision of sold no more is to permanently end sex trafficking in tucson.

They seek to accomplish this through a 3 step method. first, they educate youth to prevent trafficking before it happens. Second, they work to enforce and help prosecute the traffickers themselves. And third, they work to protect and restore those who are or have been trafficked.

Serving Opportunities

Rainbow Acres

Catalina north has a longstanding history of supporting the work of rainbow acres.

The work they do supports the entire state of arizona and beyond for those who are developmentally challenged. Furthermore, the love and excellence of the ministry and facilities of rainbow acres is simply second to none. Located in beautiful camp verde, the ministry focuses on the hearts and souls of people often overlooked by our community.

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