There's a few things to know about us before you come so you can feel as comfortable as possible that first Sunday morning.



It's important to know you can be yourself. Church should be a reflection of real life people coming together to explore God. Therefore, wear what you'd normally feel comfortable in and don't stress about it for another second. Whatever you wear, you'll fit in just fine.



Know that we take our music seriously as a time to focus on God. Our band will play modern music at a sound level that invites you to sing without worry about your voice or your familiarity with the song. The words will be on screen and you can take your time and get comfortable. No one will do or say anything that will make you feel awkward in any way. The music is just a chance for you to clear your mind and start thinking about why you came. If you need anything louder or quieter, we'll have devices that help in the back at our sound booth - just stop by and our sound technicians will hook you up.



Our messages are intended to be personable and fun while still challenging your thinking. They will be straight from the Bible and you can count on the pastor making it practical and understandable. No one will speak over your head. The whole service typically lasts just a shade over an hour so you don't feel rushed when it's time to go and you can accomplish the other two steps of Connecting and Being A Connection.

We also don't expect your first visit to be the first time you've heard a message from us. If that's your thing, just take a second and click below to check out tons of our previous messages in the form of a PodCast!

Need more info about what we believe?


If you're feeling good about coming, then you should know when to come and where to go! 

Our services are held each Sunday at 10:15 and our address is 480 E. Ina Rd.

Just pull in right off Ina Road and park wherever you feel comfortable. For reference, the front of our church is kind of in the back. While you can enter either way, you'll find our atrium and entrance to Kids Connection on the south side of the building. It's probably a good idea to park around back and head in that way.