Getting involved doesn't need to be intimidating!

Here's the scoop on where to start.

We hang out together at least once every week - usually on wednesday nights.

There are several different environments for you to try.
FIRST, there's our Small Groups. These happen every other Wednesday night and are located at a different place almost every time. Typically, we hang out at different student's homes, eat food, play games, and watch a short video teaching that leads to some organic conversation about God. This is a great place to get to know people in a really laid-back kind of way. In order to find out the details on where we're going to be and when, just check out our calendar below.
SECOND, there's our Student Services. This is a night a lot like our Small Group nights where we eat food, hang out, and do something fun together. But what's different is that our services are held at the church and include a message from our Student Pastor and some other cool components like music and giveaways and such. We usually have Student Service on alternating Wednesday nights with the Small Groups. This is a great time to check us out, because you'll probably meet some people who are checking us out for the first time too.
THIRD, there's our Events and Hangouts. These events are all about having fun together. We might go and catch the latest movie, or pick up a random game of soccer at the park, or maybe we're getting our trampoline dodgeball on at AZ Air Time. Whatever the case, we believe that part of living out or faith is just having fun together and learning to be friends. So, we'd be stoked if you joined us for that!

So now that you know WHAT we do, you need to know WHEN and WHERE we do it!

Let's hook you up.

Meet our Student Pastor...

He may not be the most interesting man in the world, but he does take a killer selfie.