Pam Freeman

For starters, I love kids! And I love seeing how God uses kids in His work. I do not believe children are the church of the future, but rather, they are a vital part of God’s Kingdom TODAY.

I am a wife and mother of five, trying to balance life, motherhood, work and faith. I have dirty dishes in the sink and there are always clothes needing washed. My floors usually need mopped and my kids have dirty faces from time to time. Yet God loves me and desires to work through me. I continue to grow in Him, making him the Lord of my life daily. I need his guidance and wisdom every day. I am humbled that He uses me.

I am married to a wonderful man, Brian. We have been married for fifteen years. God blessed us through his plan of adoption and led us to adopt three beautiful kids from Russia. After years of struggling with infertility, God further blessed us with two “homemade” kids.

I love being a wife and mom and am now blessed to work here at Catalina Church North as the Children’s Pastor.