We keep trying to get a family photo of the Hart's -  between school, volleyball, basketball, soccer, music, student ministry and random medical, orthodontia and chiropractic visits this is the closest we've come so far... Stay tuned! Picture coming soon... They need to sleep at some point...

About Amy

Born and raised in Michigan, I am yet another Arizona transplant. My husband of 20+ years, Brian, was smart enough to get a job in the sunbelt long before shoveling all the Michigan snow could throw out his back. We moved the family, two girls and one boy, across the country (not quite the Joad’s or the Beverly Hillbillies—but kinda) and have been surprised by joy at each new turn. I have gone from High School Teacher to Counselor to Stay-at-Home Mom to High School Teacher to Kindergarten Teacher to Business Manager at Catalina. God is good.

Catalina Church North is a breath of fresh air for our whole family—where church is simple, true and edifying.